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delete module

How to compeltely delete module in Joomla

Most Joomla users usually delete modules from the module manager. It is a wrong way because you don’t delete module completely, just one copy. It can evoke some errors. Read below how to delete module correctly: 1. In the top menu open “Extensions->Manage” and choose the “Manage” tab.

module text

How to change texts in the Joomly modules

How to change texts in the Joomly Contactus You can find all module texts in the special language files. Contact form extension Joomly Contactus has 3 language files: If you want to change field placeholders or option names (in the module manager), edit: “root/language/en-GB/en-GB.mod_contactus.ini”, or for other languages


How to change CSS styles in the Joomly modules

For the Callback module you can find CSS styles: “root/modules/mod_joomly_callback/css/callback_default.css” For the Contactus: Classic layot: “root/modules/mod_contactus/css/contactus_form.css” Popup layout: “root/modules/mod_contactus/css/contactus_lightbox.css”