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How to call modal box by a menu item

This topic shows you how to call contact popup form or call me back module by a menu item. 1. Creating menu item Open admin panel and click “Menus -> Main menu -> Add New Menu Item” in the top menu. Type menu item name

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How to add a few forms to an article

This topic shows you how to add a few contact forms (or callback modules) to an article. 1. Creating a few modules Find your module in the Module Manager (“Extensions->Modules”), select it and click “Duplicate”. Or you are able to create the new one, click

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How to call a form by a custom element

This topic shows you how to call popup contact form or callback module by clicking on the custom element (link, picture, text, etc.). You should put a module to the site page and add the special CSS class to a custom element. 1. Add a module

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Tutorial: How to create Contact Form in Joomla

This topic shows you how to install and configure the contact form for Joomla. 1. Contact form installation Download Joomla Contact form extension. Log into admin panel and open “Extensions->Manage->Install”. Choose the downloaded module and install it. 2. Contact form configuration Click “Extensions” in the top