How to call a form by a custom element

This topic shows you how to call popup contact form or callback module by clicking on the custom element (link, picture, text, etc.). You should put a module to the site page and add the special CSS class to a custom element.

1. Add a module to the site page

Open your contact form extension or “Call me back” module in the Module manager (“Extensions->Modules”). In the “View options” section find drop down list (“Open Pop-Up/Callback window by”) and select “Class” option.


Then go to the “Menu Assignment” tab and choose pages to display.

menu assigment

After that put the module in any position (Warning! Position must be used in the template) and select “Publish” in the “Status” drop-down box.

position options
2. Add class to the custom element

Now you should add a CSS class to your element. Open “Content->Articles” and find your article. Click on the “<>” icon to get html code. Classes examples are below.

custom element form
If you want to call the contact form, add : class= “contactus”

For the callback module add: class= “joomly-callback”

You are able to add to page a few different forms and call them by different custom elements. Add module id to the element class and it will be calling only this module. For example: for the module with id 140, you should add: class= “contactus-140″

You can get module id in the Module Manager(“Extensions->Modules”):

module ids

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