How to add a few forms to an article

This topic shows you how to add a few contact forms (or callback modules) to an article.

1. Creating a few modules

Find your module in the Module Manager (“Extensions->Modules”), select it and click “Duplicate”. Or you are able to create the new one, click “Create” and choose your module in the list.

duplicate module

2. Add forms to an article

Now we couldn’t use operator “loadmodule”. Otherwise, Joomla will load the same module multiple times. We should add to the each pattern the module title.

Add module

For example, we use {loadmodule mod_contactus, New Contactus} instead of {loadmodule mod_contactus}, where “New Contactus” is load module title. You can find it in the module manager options.

Module title

Now you can add multiple forms to your article.

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